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For Wednesday October 29, 1997
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In Conjunction With The MVO.


The swarms of hybrid earthquakes coupled with continued dome growth continue to dominate the activity at the Soufriere Hills Volcano.

The dome has visibly increased in size over the last 24 hours and it is now spilling over the north west side of the crater making the dome very unstable.

As growth continues it is very likely that rockfalls will continue leading to pyroclastic flows which are very likely to travel down Tuitt's Ghaut.

All areas of the exclusion zone are thought to be extremely dangerous and no one should be in these areas.


The Chief Minister of Montserrat Hon David S. Brandt currently visiting London has called for a judicial enquiry into the handling of the Montserrat crisis. He made these remarks as part of his presentation to the House of Commons International Development Committee who are investigating the British response to the crisis.


Lady Martin the wife of Sir George Martin has been in Montserrat for a fact finding mission. Lady Martin who was accompanied to Montserrat by her daughter told listeners to ZJB Radio that she was here to carry out a needs assessment to see how best to use the money raised by Sir George through his recent London concert. Sir George himself will visit Montserrat in January to present the proceeds of the concert.


A number of storage containers are available at Brades for residents to store a limited amount of their personal effects in during the crisis. The containers were supplied by the Aid Management Office (AMO) and the scheme is managed from the Chief Minister's office.


The road improvement scheme at Fogarty's continues with road widening, corner improvements, and crash barrier installation all taking place.

Next week night work will begin to lower the road at the corners to make them less sharp than they are now. It is expected that for at least one night the road will be closed overnight whilst the work is carried out. Local motorists and residents are asked to tune into ZJB for more information on the closure.


With the current ferry "Antilles Express" about to go into dry dock in Guadeloupe for its annual maintenance, officials from the Aid Management Office (AMO) and their agents are currently looking for a replacement vessel.

Queries are being made in Britain, the French islands of the Caribbean, St Maarten and several other areas to identify a suitable vessel. The current vessel is chartered by the British Government to provide a regular service between Montserrat and Antigua in the absence of an air service.

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