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For Wednesday October 22, 1997
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In the last 24 hours there has been one further explosion from the Soufriere Hills Volcano, this occurring at 7 pm last night. This brings the number of explosions to 75 in the current sequence of events which started on September 22nd.

Last night's explosion and subsequent pyroclastic flows sent ash into the air to heights of around 15,000 feet. There was pumice fragments deposited in salem, woodlands, Olveston and St Peters. These were in the 1.5 to 2.5 cms size.

Reports say that the pyroclastic flow material went down the Tar River Valley almost to the sea at the delta which was steaming this morning.

The seismicity has been dominated by a swarm of moderate sized volcano-tectonic earthquakes which usually indicate magma movements in addition there has been some long period and hybrid events.

Recent GPS measurements have shown that the northward movement of the Harris, Windy Hill and Whites triangle over the past few months has slowed somewhat.

Further explosions are expected and all residents should stay clear of the exclusion zone.


The Commissioner of Police, Frank Hooper has announced that Police Headquarters is now sited at St Peters in the Rocklands area. The Commissioners Office, Administration and Immigration Office are situated on Mahogony Drive in Woodlands and the Cudjoe Head facility is now being used as residential facilities for police officers. There is also a police presence at the Heliport in Geralds and at the Little Bay Jetty during normal operating hours.

The Royal Montserrat Police Force is currently recruiting for its ranks.


A release from the Government Information Services (GIS) has stated that the Statistics Dept has been asked to carry out a population count on the island. The decision was taken at a meeting yesterday (Tuesday) of the Volcano Executive Group chaired by H.E. The Governor Anthony Abbott.

The population count will provide Government with figures as to the estimated size of the population and other relevant details such as the number of buildings, dwellings and households on the island.


The Hon Chief Minister Mr David S. Brandt is off to England next week to meet with the full International Development Committee of the British House of Commons.

He will take the opportunity to give to the Committee a total picture of the situation on island after 27 months of volcanic activity and respond to statements made by British officials earlier this year.

Among the issues that Mr Brandt will raise is the inflexibility of UK aid procedures and the bureaucratic structure which has delayed many projects.


The sewerage system for the Davy Hill housing project is currently being installed. This is the final work of the Brown and Roots Housing Project (Phase 1) which provides 50 homes.

The houses are expected to be handed over this weekend and the first residents move in on the first Monday in November. The Housing Allocation Committee is currently meeting to determine which families will be allocated the houses.

A show house has been set up on the site.

More information tomorrow................................

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