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For Friday October 17, 1997
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In the last twenty four hours there have been four more explosions from the Soufriere Hills Volcano. This brings to 65 the number of explosions since September 22 the start of the current sequence of events.

Ash from the explosions and the resulting pyroclastic flows reached heights of 15,000 feet, most of the ash blew to the north-east away from Montserrat.

The resulting pyroclastic flows over the last few days do not seem to have flowed as far as in the past and seem to be have been contained in the Tar River Valley and Tuitt's Ghaut.

Seismic activity has again been low with just a few rockfall signals and a few hybrid earthquakes occurring prior to the explosions.

Further explosions are expected and ash and pyroclastic flows could impact any area in the exclusion zone and therefore no one should be in this area.


The Aid Management Office (AMO) produced the following press release yesterday evening:

"The first phase of the Brown and Root housing project is nearing completion. Fifty modular housing units being erected at the Davy Hill site will be ready for occupation by the end of October.

The services developed for the first phase of the project have been designed with expansion capability to accommodate future housing development in the area.

The second phase of the Brown and Root Housing Project is also gaining momentum. Fifty block work houses designed by local architect, Alford Dyett, are to be constructed at Look-Out Yard. Five local building contractors (S Cassell, A Weekes, A. Duberry, W.Tuitt, and E Galloway) have started work on site with more to follow (W Shortte, and H.Robinson)

In related news, the Government of Montserrat, through the Aid Management Office have procured the services of a housing allocation consultant, who after broad consultation with the public and private sectors will make recommendations for allocation procedures and policies for the housing stock being constructed.

Consistent with stated Government policy these allocation procedures will take into account of the length of time that relocated persons have been housed in shelters. It is anticipated that that the first houses will be available for occupation and assigned by November 1st 1997.


The ferry has not run today for the third consecutive day because of high sea swells. The jetty at Little Bay is closed to shipping because of the high seas.

In a related piece of information, the ferry has carried 8142 passengers since the inception of the service. 5037 have travelled from Montserrat to Antigua and 3105 in the opposite direction.


Following complaints that the garbage collection system has fallen down, meetings have taken place between Government's Environmental Health Dept officials and the contractors who remove the garbage to ensure a new scheme to keep the country tidy. The new proposals are before Government for approval.

In a related matter, the Acting Director of Health Services, Dr Ronnie Cooper has warned residents that rats might be heading inside houses looking for food. On ZJB Radio yesterday, Dr Cooper warned residents that with very few crops in the ground rats are foraging for food amongst rubbish bins and inside houses and warned everyone to tie their garbage bags and store food properly inside their homes.


The new multi-coloured risk map and resident's information sheet is ready for distribution. The document is being distributed to supermarkets, banks, clinics, police stations and shelters over the weekend so that the distribution can begin in earnest on Monday of next week.

More information on Monday.............................

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