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For Friday October 10, 1997
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Since lunchtime yesterday there have been two further explosions from the Soufriere Hills Volcano. The first was at 12.32 yesterday afternoon and the second at 4.13 this morning.

In both cases the explosion and resulting pyroclastic flows caused ash to reach heights of up to 20,000 feet and the ash was blown by prevailing winds to the northeast.

Following this morning's explosion there was a period of tremor for about one and a half hours and this was associated with steam and ash venting.

Pyroclastic flows reached the sea following this morning's event on the eastern flank of the volcano.

Ash levels throughout the island are once again high and everyone is being urged to wear their dust masks and to drive carefully.


Mr Paul Ridge a volunteer from British Executive Services Overseas (BESO) arrived on island earlier this week to take up a short term attachment at Radio Montserrat (ZJB). Mr Ridge will assume duties as Chief Technician (CT) at the station, the substantive CT is on study leave.

BESO is an organisation that provides technical skills from a pool of retired executives in Britain. Montserrat has benefitted from a number of BESO volunteers in recent years.


The two Montserrat delegates to the Commonwealth Youth Forum and Summit to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland leave here tomorrow. They are Meredith Lynch and Lyndon Kirwan both in their early 20's. Prior to the summit they will spend a week in Birmingham, England looking at the work of youth organisations there.

The forum, which it is hoped, will strengthen the links amongst youth of the Commonwealth is being sponsored by British Airways, the Commonwealth Youth Programme, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the British Council, the Youth Exchange Centre, Standard Life, the Prince's Trust and the Scottish Office.


The Hon. David S. Brandt, Montserrat's Chief Minister visited the temporary Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) yesterday. He chatted with staff and students about their conditions, the need for close co-operation and called upon parents to offer their full support.

He commiserated with staff and students about the crowded temporary accommodation which is based over three sites; the Brades Pentechostal Church, a T1-11 building at Brades and several port-a-cabins at Look-Out.

From Monday October 13th all MSS students will be accomodated between the three sites. The school is not offering a 6th Form this year.

In related news, a meeting is taking place this morning to see which buildings can be made available to start a Government Primary School. All school buildings are currently being used as shelters.


EOC officials and other agencies are putting the finishing touches to "Operation Exodus" a comprehensive plan for the evacuation of the total population of Montserrat just in case the volcanic situation ever makes life on the island untenable. It is hoped that the plan will never have to be used, but officials have stated that it is prudent to have a plan in place.

Any plan for Operation Exodus will have to be approved and supported by the Government of Montserrat and made available to the general public through an education campaign.


The housing site at Davy Hill being developed by Brown & Root and which will accommodate 50 houses, currently having the final touches put to them, is on schedule for a late October finish. Brown and Root are now working on the installation of a central sewerage system - the first time ever such a system will be used in Montserrat. The excavation of the site for the sewerage plant is completed and representatives of the plant's manufacturers will be shortly on island to install it.


Once again there will be a half price trip for Montserratians wishing to go to Antigua for the day tomorrow. Anyone going on the 8 am ferry from Montserrat and returning on the 4 pm ferry from Antigua can benefit from a special day return fare of EC$75. Passengers should check in one hour before sailing times in both Montserrat and Antigua. Journey time in each direction is approx one hour and no advance bookings are required.

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