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For Thursday October 09, 1997
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Since lunchtime yesterday there have been two further explosions from the Soufriere Hills Volcano bringing the total number to 43 in the current sequence of events which started on September 22nd.

Over the last 24 hours there have been a number of hybrid earthquakes, volcano-tectonic earthquakes, long period earthquakes as well as a number of rockfall signals recorded by the seismic network associated with the MVO.

Pyroclastic flows have travelled down Tuitt's Ghaut, almost to the sea, through Harris', the Tar River Valley to the delta, Farrell's Plain, the Gages Valley to St George's Hill, and out into the Amersham Plain.

Ash from these events went to heights of between 10,000 and 20,000 feet and was blown towards the northeast by upper level winds. Very little ash has fallen into the residential areas of the central and northern zones in the last 24 hours.

Further explosions are expected, and following these fallout could occur anywhere on the island. People are advised to shelter in strong buildings during these periods of fallout.

Future pyroclastic flows could impact the Belham Valley River and any resident living close to the valley is urged to leave immediately as the area is very dangerous.


The long awaited new hot mix plant equipment is begining to arrive on island. The equipment is being shipped in several containers and the first of these is now on island.

Public Works Dept (PWD) officials are reporting that the new plant will be installed at a site at Brades. The new plant is environmentally friendly and will be fitted with ten cyclones for dust removal. The site at Brades has been chosen as the wind normally blows off shore away from residents of the area

The plant will be commissioned during a one month exercise by the manufacturers once everything is on island. It is reported that the plant will be operated and maintained by existing PWD staff.

The hot mix plant's product will be used in the re-surfacing of the Hillside to Brades road currently undergoing an improvement scheme.


After some weeks of shortage due to shipping problems there is now ample LPG bottles on island. In addition more filled bottles will be shipped from Nevis over the next few days to ensure future stocks.

Customers requiring gas should report to the NOSCA complex at Carrs Bay with their empty bottle which will be exchanged for a full one at regular prices. The service is now operated by Delta only and they are open from 8 am to 1 pm.

In addition it has been reported that there are ample stocks of petrol and diesel on island, these are stored in a facility at Carr's Bay. Current petrol sales at A and F Service Station, the only one left operating in Montserrat, are about 1200 gallons per day.


The Extra Mural Department of the University of the West Indies (usually known as the University Centre) has relocated to a site at Manjack. The telephone number there is 664 491 3924, the centre is currently planning a UWIDITE link for the second semester of the 1997 / 98 academic year.


Following a meeting earlier this week, organised and chaired by Montserrat's new Governor H.E. Anthony Abbott a new structure has been set up for the management of shelters.

It is envisaged that each shelter will have an internal committee made up of residents from that shelter and they will bring their complaints / recommendations to a central external committee.

The central committee was formulated at the meeting and will be chaired by Mr Christopher "King" Lee. The individual shelter committees will be set up starting with the MSS Salem shelter and if the system works there it will be reciprocated at all shelters.

EOC statistics show that there are currently 1077 persons in shelter in Montserrat using 36 different buildings.


All students of the Montserrat Secondary School will be back in class by next Monday, October 13th. Some 200 students have registered for classes at three sites the Brades Pentechostal Church (4th & 5th Forms) a T1-11 building at Brades (3rd Form) and several port-a-cabins at Look-Out (1st & 2nd Forms) the school will have around two dozen staff for the 1997 / 98 academic year. None of the facilities have practical class capabilities as yet and for the interim, 4th & 5th form students will be taken by bus to the MSS Salem campus for their practical classes.

MSS Principal Mrs Camilla Watts is urging the co-operation of parents in ensuring their children are ready and on time for the school bus service which leaves Salem Campus, St Johns & Look-Out at 7.15 each morning. School hours are from 8 am to 2.15 pm each day. She is also asking parents to ensure that their children walk with a packed lunch each day. Mrs Watts is hoping to get the PTA up and running in the next few weeks and hopes to call a meeting shortly, it is expected that the two stream system of pre-vocational and academic studies will continue.

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