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For Friday October 03, 1997
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In Conjunction With The MVO.


The number of explosions from the Soufriere Hills Volcano have reduced a little over the past 24 hours. There was one last night at 10.50 pm and the pyroclastic flows that were generated went down the Gages Valley and Tuitts Ghaut.

The ash cloud from this event rapidly reached 10,000 feet and drifted towards the north east affecting most of the island, in addition some parts of Antigua experienced ash fall.

The level of seismicity is low with only a very few rockfall events and volcano - tectonic earthquakes being recorded by the seismic network associated with the MVO.

Ash and pumice are lying on the ground over a wide area of Montserrat and everyone should drive carefully and wear their ash masks which are freely available at health centres and clinics.


Following a lightening strike and subsequent damage to equipment the 93.3 FM service of ZJB can no longer be heard and the station now can only be heard on 95.5 FM. However, Cable TV Channel 5 is still carrying ZJB broadcasts.


The latest edition of CARICOM VIEW the newsletter of the CARICOM Secretariat features Montserrat prominently. The September / October edition includes photographs of the volcano, the visit of P.J. Patterson the Jamaican Prime Minister, the swearing in of the Chief Minister, the Hon David Brandt and the exodus of residents. The newsletter is distributed by the Comminications Unit of the CARICOM Secretariat, Bank of Guyana Building, 1 Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown, Guyana, South America. E mail:


From now onwards, anyone using the ferry to make a day trip from Montserrat to Antigua on a Saturday can travel for half price. This offer is for day trippers on Saturdays only, for a cost of EC$75 - the ferry leaves Montserrat at 8 am and leaves Antigua for the return journey at 4 pm. The service is expected to be popular with shoppers.


The enumeration process which started some months ago and was interupted by increased volcanic activity causing more areas of the island to relocate has started back up. The enumeration exercise will provide Government with population information, plus the necessary information to make the important decisions for future planning. Anyone who has been missed in the enumeration process is being urged to report to the Salem campus of the Montserrat Secondary School between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm.


The sirens are to be re-installed in the St Peters and Woodlands areas to ensure total coverage of the Central Zone. The sirens will be fitted to police posts in these two areas. The Central Zone is an area for residential purposes only with the population on increased alertness with their own rapid means of exit and hardhats.


The Government of Montserrat with the assistance of the Aid Management Office is sourcing 100 portacabins to place in the north for a new Government Headquarters complex. This it is hoped will free up all the accommodation currently being used as office space for housing purposes to help to ease the shortage.


There was a meeting of educational officials this morning to examine how best to get schools up and running as soon as possible. As of today, the St Augustine RC Primary School (with approx 90 students) is the only primary school in operation and the Montserrat Secondary School has only managed to start its 4th and 5th Forms (at the Brades Pentechostal Church). Officials looked at how to get a further Primary School in operation and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd forms of MSS. In addition there is no place to hold classes for the Montserrat Technical College. All schools in the Central and Northern Zones are currently being used as shelters to house people relocated from their homes.

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