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For Thursday October 02, 1997
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In Conjunction With The MVO.


There have been more explosions from the Soufriere Hills Volcano in the last 24 hours as the explosive phase continues.

The resulting pyroclastic flows went down to the sea in the Tar River Valley, and went to Trants via Tuitt's Ghaut. There was also material that went down Tyers Ghaut and into the Gages Valley.

Ashclouds associated with the explosions & pyroclastic flows went up to 25,000 feet and the ash went northwestwards dumping ash and gravel over a wide area.

Over the last 24 hours the seismicity has been at a low level with very few earthquakes being recorded. There were a few VT's recorded just before one of the explosions on Weds evening.

Heavy overnight rain mixed with the ash and caused roads to be very slippery and in addition pumice has fallen in various parts of the island.


Roads in the north were impassable for all but 4 wheel drive vehicles this morning when heavy overnight rain mixed with large ash deposits. Particularly bad were the St Peters to Hilltop Road and the Fogerthy's Road, vehicles could not get traction. As the sun dried out the road later in the day things returned to normal.


ABS is reporting quite heavy ash deposits in Antigua today with several villages being affected.


EOC officials checked Salem and surrounding areas yesterday to see if all residents had relocated. Efforts have been renewed over the last few days to ensure any remaining resident had in fact found a place to relocate to. The area had been declared a no go exclusion zone on August 16, and most residents then evacuated to the north. It seems as if Salem is all but deserted now, south of the Nantes River with EOC estimates only showing approx 20 persons remaining. Efforts are being made to persuade these persons to come out. Additional shelter facilities have been made available for Salem residents at Look-Out near to St Johns.

It has also been announced that Rams Emdee has now closed as a retail outlet and is only supplying wholesale. The supermarket is situated south of Nantes River.


Anyone outside of Montserrat who wishes a copy of the new risk map can obtain one by E mailing their POSTAL ADDRESS to the EOC and we will airmail you a copy.


The Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) has started classes for 4th and 5th Forms at the Brades Pentechostal Church.

More information tomorrow...................................

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