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Tourism: Activity and Availability
Thursday, April 11, 1996

Montserrat Tourist Board
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Plymouth, Montserrat
West Indies
Official Montserrat Tourist Information Board

Recent volcanic activities on Montserrat have once again caused the closure of Plymouth (the capital), the relocation of businesses and residents adjacent to Plymouth and persons living on the southern and eastern sides of the island to the designated "safe zone" in the north of the island.

Frequent and sometimes heavy ash emissions have mostly been responsible for the decision to relocate people and business on the advice of scientists.

Fortunately, the bulk of our tourist accommodations - including a major hotel and many luxury villas - are located in the "safe zone" and are offering full services. Additionally, ancillary tourist services - including tour guides, car and bus hire and restaurants - are operating as usual.

While some of our major tourist attractions such as Great Alps Waterfall, Bamboo Forest and Galways Soufriere have been temporarily rendered inaccessible because of the volcanic situation, the Tourist Board is recommending equally exciting and interesting activities such as hiking, biking, sightseeing, beaches, and water sports in the "safe zone".

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