Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Research And Publications Policy For MVO

    General Information

  1. MVO recognises three categories of scientific work(ers) within the context of the current volcanic crisis. The attached lists show the various individuals or groups in each of these three categories. It is the policy of MVO to support scientific research concerning Montserrat.
    1. Those workers under ODA/BGS auspices (i.e., under contract) and those working for or under contract to the Government of Montserrat (including SRU staff) are regarded as MVO staff for the purposes of this policy. All data generated by these workers is regarded as MVO data.
    2. A second category of affiliated research is recognised; this includes researchers working closely with MVO, utilising MVO-owned data, or samples collected by MVO staff, but being funded from external sources and utilising laboratory equipment and logistical support outside of Montserrat. The work of these affiliated researchers has some impact upon the real-time monitoring of the volcano and assessment of hazards.
    3. The third category of associated research includes work being done with the knowledge of MVO but not having an impact on hazard assessment. MVO may provide data and/or logistical and safety support for such research at the discretion of the Chief Scientist.

  2. A list of affiliated and associated researchers and areas of interest will be maintained by MVO. Proposals for new projects which require any support from MVO (including requests for utilisation of MVO-owned data) should be passed to MVO for comment; MVO will encourage wherever possible scientific research on Montserrat and on the data being collected by MVO in so far as it does not impinge upon the monitoring tasks of MVO.

  3. Due to safety considerations, MVO logistical support is necessary for any work undertaken within the designated evacuated zones at the time. MVO will strongly advise the future barring of any scientists not abiding by the health and safety procedures at MVO, which all scientists working with MVO support will be required to sign.

    Peer Reviewed Publications

  4. Data collected either by MVO staff or by affiliated researchers should be regarded as jointly owned by MVO and the participating personnel, and any publications referring to jointly-owned data should be approved by both parties and suitably recognise both parties in authorship (if appropriate) or in acknowledgment. MVO will put in place a formal review mechanism under the chairmanship of the Chief Scientist for approval of such publications. Any publications passing through this review mechanism will carry an MVO Contribution Number.

  5. Publication of work undertaken by the associated researchers should suitably acknowledge any MVO support and the MVO should review any manuscript prior to submission; however, such manuscripts would not pass through the formal review mechanism and would not carry an MVO Contribution Number.

  6. 'MVO staff" should be allowed as the equivalent of an author on any author list. A list of those included under such a title will be kept by MVO and it should be used when a number of different individuals have been involved in (for instance) raw data collection and analysis as part of the monitoring operations. The use of 'MVO staff' should not preclude the naming of key scientists at MVO individually where they have made an input worthy of such recognition.

  7. Where appropriate, the MVO address should be used for MVO staff contributing to publications where that contribution is due mainly to work undertaken while at MVO. The home institutes of individuals would then be given as a footnote.

  8. Any dispute over publication of research undertaken by MVO scientists or utilising data generated at MVO using MVO equipment (including all equipment purchased by ODA/BGS or on their behalf, equipment on loan from other institutes as part of a contract with ODA/BGS and equipment on loan from or through SRU) should be resolved by the Chief Scientist of MVO.

  9. Abstracts by any MVO, affiliated or associated worker would not normally go through the MVO review procedure but copies of abstracts should be lodged with MVO along with details of poster or oral presentations associated with the abstract. Access to abstracts through the MVO web site is desirable.

    MVO Publications

  10. MVO issues four series of reports as follows:
    1. Daily Report covering 24 hour period to 16:00 on the day of publication. Such reports are circulated to the local media and interested parties via fax and to interested international parties via email.
    2. Morning Update summarising the 15 hour period to 07:00 on the day of publication. Information in such reports is duplicated in the Daily Report. Circulation as above.
    3. Scientific Report covering the 7 day period to 23:59 on the Saturday of publication in a numbered series. These summarise and add scientific information to the Daily Reports and are used as the basis for the monthly GVN Bulletin, compiled by the Smithsonian Institute with MVO review. Circulation as above but more limited.
    4. Special Report issued on an ad hoc basis and in a numbered series. Circulated as for Scientific Report.
      Scientific and Special Reports are reviewed by all MVO scientific staff on whose work reports are based.

  11. Other reports are used for internal MVO purposes or are provided to BGS as part of contractual conditions. At the discretion of the Chief Scientist, such reports may receive Special Report status.

  12. All externally issued reports from MVO are posted on the web site hosted by Michigan Technological University (Mr Mike Dolan). This site is accessible through BGS and SRU Home Pages as well as through a number of other home pages.

    Press articles

  13. No MVO staff member (as defined above) should contribute to or write press articles without referal to the Chief Scientist. It is requested that affiliated or associated researchers follow the same procedure, especially where the article deals with monitoring issues which could impact upon the work of MVO.

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