MVO/VSG - Open Scientific Meeting
27 November 1996
Provisional Programme

Dear Colleague,

Here is the provisional programme for the Soufriere Hills meeting on 27 November. There will be an extended abstracts volume available at the meeting (including contributions not being presented orally). The programme may well change before then and I will notify all speakers of any new schedule beforehand.Please let me know of any changes to the speakers or titles listed. If you are a programmed speaker I will take silence from you to indicate you intend to give the paper. The schedule is very tight so your delivery needs to be disciplined. The Geol. Soc. has dual screens which can be either slides or overheads. There is limited space for 3 (6 x 4 ft) poster boards in the Lower Library so if you have got something you want to display ,bring it ,but let me know beforehand. Get any slides in to the projectionist well before the start of your session. If you are not a member of the Geological Society you will be charged £10 at registration, £5 for students. I look forward to a rewarding meeting.

Geoff Wadge

An open scientific discussion meeting of the VSG at the Geological Society

27 November, 1996

Provisonal Programme
[likely to change]

10.00           Coffee

10.25           Introduction                            G Wadge

10.30           Overview of the eruption                R Robertson et al

10.45           Seismicity of the Montserrat, Soufriere Hills Volcano eruption:
                July 1995 toNovember 1996               WP Aspinall et al

11.10           GPS measurements at the Soufriere Hills Volcano,Montsterrat,
                April-November,1996                     JB Shepherd et al  

11.25           Total station measurements at Soufriere Hills Volcano
                                                         PA  Jackson et al

11.40           Gravity surveys on the island of Montserrat
                                                         MA Davies et al

11.55           Techniques for surveying the Soufriere Hills eruption dome and 
                deposits                                NF Stevens et al
12.10           Erupted volume, growth rate and morphology of the dome
                                                        J.Toothill et al   
12.25           COSPEC and FTIR monitoring of plume gases from Montserrat
                                                        C.Oppenheimer et al
12.40           Discussion

1.00            Lunch 

2.00            Petrology and geochemistry of the Soufriere Hills Volcano, 
                Montserrat                               MD Murphy et al   

2.20            Pre-eruption volatiles and experimentally determined phase 
                equilibria of the Soufriere Hills Volcano : implications for   
                magma storage and degassing              MR Carroll et al
2.35            Viscosity of Montserrat lavas
                                                         DR Neuville et al

2.50            Submarine hydrothermal fluid compositions in relation to 
                volcanic hazards at Montserrat           DS Cronan et al
3.00            Tea

3.30            Monitoring of airborne respirable dust in Montserrat
                                                          AGMcK Nicholl et al

3.40            Environmental impacts of the Soufriere Hills eruption
                                                          G Norton et al   
3.50            Dome collapse and explosive eruption at Soufriere Hills
		Volcano, Montserrat,September 17-18 1996: an overview 
		and chronology of events                  WJ McGuire

4.00            Eruption mechanisms and physical parameters of the explosive 
                eruption of the 17th September 1996, Soufriere Hills Volcano,
                Montserrat                                PD Cole et al    

4.15            Conditions for decompressive dome explosions from surveys of    
                cyclic dome growth and collapse on Montserrat (WI), July - 
                September 1996                            MV Stasiuk et al

4.30            Simulations of pyroclastic flow: 12th May flows and the threat 
                of future flows                           G.Wadge et al
4.45            Prehistoric pyroclastic flow deposits of Montserrat
		generated by explosive eruptions: a comparison to recent 
		activity				  ES Calder et al  

5.00            Discussion

5.30            Close

Montserrat Volcano Observatory