There has been considerable cooperative international scientific effort devoted to volcanic hazard mitigation in Guatemala in the past few years. The Swedish government, through CEPREDENAC (Centro de Coordinacion para la Prevencion de Desastres Naturales en America Central) has established a continuing effort at supporting hazard awareness and training of local scientists throughout Central America. The Swiss currently have a program in Guatemala which has been directed toward seismic monitoring of volcanoes. French scientists have recently done some petrologic work at Guatemalan volcanoes (Bardintzeff and Deniel, 1992). The U.S. Geological Survey has supported Guatemalan efforts at monitoring and mapping active volcanoes in recent years through the Volcano Crisis Assistance Team (VCAT).

As a start for the decade activities, an organizational meeting for scientists interested in Santa María is being planned for early 1993. A library of reference materials about the volcano is being assembled. The Guatemalan agency INSIVUMEH (see address above) has built a new field observatory at the Finca El Faro, south of the volcano, which can serve as a base for field observations during the decade studies. Those scientists interested in participating in collaborative studies are encouraged to contact any of the authors.

(Bennett, Rose, and Conway, 1992)