Terascan: Display Data

Now that a Terascan Data file has been created, calibrated and registered, it is ready to be diplayed. To start the display interface, type xvu & in a terascan window. Note that xvu is very color hungry, and that you cannot have any other color intensive applications going on the machine when you start it. Anything other than xterms window mailtool etc.., will cause you to get the following error message:

Unable to allocate 192 image colors

If this happens, you need to quite all other applications, and restart xvu. If it still doesn't work, you will have to exit the windowing system, and start all over. Not very good, but that is the way that it works.

If you have done this correctly, this window should pop up:

To display the data file, choose the image/display option from the menu:
Which looks like this:
Select the desired filename and variable, and hit the run button.

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