VAR: Retrieve Cloud Properties

Once the temperature boundary conditions are set correctly, the last step is to actually run the cloud retrieval. The processing procedure is:
  1. Select the Mass Retrieval option from the VAR Simulation Model
  2. Set the band 4-5 cutoff value. This ranges from 0 to -0.5 K typically, and is used to reduce "noise" in the data.
  3. Set the pixel area value: This is determined from the value entered when creating the Terascan Master file Note that this value is in square kilometers, not in kilometers (like when creating the master file).
  4. Select the band data file. This is the data which was exported from Terascan Note that this data can be in two formats, either with lat/lon values or without.
  5. Save the case file and run it.
  6. The results are saved in two different formats: A *.tex file which has a summary of the results, and a *.mdr file, which is in a format for conversion into Terascan

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