MDR to Terascan Conversion

Once the mass retrieval program is finished (it may take a minute or two), the data is output to a file. The output filename is the root of the input band data with, with a *.mdr suffix. For example:
Input Ascii Datafile: 2101.mass.asc
Output Datafile: 2101.mass.mdr

The output MDR file can be plotted using the VAR plot utility, but for better visual results, it can be imported into Terascan. In order to do this, the *.mdr file needs to be converted into a format for use with the Terascan convert utility script. This is accomplished using the VAR Utility MDR-to Terascan Conversion. This utility is easy to use, just select the MDR input fileaname, and terascan output filename, and press convert.

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