Radiannet Files

  1. ASCII Input Data File
  2. This file contains AVHRR Band 4 Brightness Temperature and AVHRR Band 5 Brightness Temperature for each pixel in the volcanic cloud. The file can also include the latitude and longitude of each pixel. This file is a subset of a full AVHRR seen. Only the pixels that are believed to be a possible part of the volcanic cloud are included in this file. The ASCII Input Data File Name is the prefix for the output files created by Radiannet.

  3. *.tex Data File
  4. The Mass Retrieval Model creates a file with the ".tex" extention. This file contains the input parameters and results of the Mass Retrieval.

  5. *.mdr File
  6. The Mass Retrieval Model creates a file with the ".mdr" extention. This file contains the lat/lon coordinates of each pixel (if included in the input data file), and the mass (in metric tonnes), the optical depth, and the mean effective radius (in microns). This data in this file can be plotted as a map of each parameter directly in the Retrieval Program, or it can be converted for input into Terascan. The second option produces a better looking map, at present, than doing it directly in IDL.

  7. *.cas file
  8. This file contains the parameters used to run a model simulation. This file is created when the case is saved, before running it. Case files can also be loaded back into the retrieval code, modified, and run again.

  9. *.rod file
  10. This file contains the data used to make the radius-optical depth plot. It is created when the ROD model is run, and it can be reloaded later for plotting purposes.

  11. *.tera file
  12. This file is created when the *.mdr file is converted for importing into Terascan.

Map Projection

All the pixels in the image are assumed to have the same area. Therefore, it is important to use an equal area map projection for the when creating the Terascan Master file. A Lambert Azimuthal projection works well for the size of the images that are typically used.

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