Software and Hardware Requirements

The Radiannet code requires IDL to run. The code was developed using IDL version 3.6.1 but should run under IDL version 3.0 and later. The memory and disk space requirements depend on the size of the ASCII Input Data File. To analysis a typical volcanic cloud would require about 3 Mbytes of disk storage. So far the code has been tested on SUN workstation running SunOs 4.1.3 and Solaris 2.0. The FORTRAN codes were complied under SunOs 4.1.3. The Radiannet code would require minor changes to work on I.B.M. compatiables or Mac machines.

A Web Page Browser, such as Mosaic or Netscape, is required to read the help page. A printout of the help pages can by made for people without a Web Page Browser.

Terascan was utilized to ingest, calibrate and georectify the AVHRR data, and to generate the initial input file which contains the band 4 and band 5 brightness temperature values. However, the input files can be generated by a number of ways. Utilities are availble to ingest the Radiannet output into Terascan to produce maps of the mass, optical depth and effective radius, but Radiannet and IDL has a built in procedure to produce these maps.