Radiannet Files

  1. ASCII Input Data File
  2. This file contains AVHRR Band 4 Brightness Temperature and AVHRR Band 5 Brightness Temperature for each pixel in the volcanic cloud. The file can also include the latitude and longitude of each pixel. This file is a subset of a full AVHRR seen. Only the pixels that are believed to be a possible part of the volcanic cloud are included in this file. The ASCII Input Data File Name is the prefix for the output files created by Radiannet. Note: Due to FORTRAN limitations, the input filename must start with a letter, and not a number.

  3. initial_setup_rad File
  4. The settings for the IDL widget are saved in the binary file named "initial_setup_rad" each time you exit the Radiannet program.

  5. *.text Data File
  6. The Total Mass of Particle Retrieval Model creates a file with the ".text" extention. This file contains the input parameters and results of the Total Mass of Particle Retrieval Model.

  7. *.mdr Data File
  8. The Total Mass of Particle Retrieval Model creates a file with the ".mdr" extention. The ".mdr" file format is as folows: For each pixel in the image, the latitude and longitude on one line, followed by the total aerosol mass )(in metric tonnes), optical depth, and effective radius (in microns) on the next line.
    For example:
    44.7530 -160.960
    216.994 0.700000 10.9895

  9. idl.ps File
  10. This is a postscript file created by executing Radiannet with the Output function button selected to "PS Port" or "PS Land". This file can be printed by sending it to a postscript printer or by using the utility funtion "Print PS".

  11. idl.eps File
  12. This is a encapsulated postscript file create by executing Radiannet with the output function button selected to "EPS". This file can be imported into a word processor such as Framemaker.

Map Projection

All the pixels in the image are assumed to have the same area. Therefore, it is important to use an equal area map projection for the input image. The IDL plot routine uses the Lambert's Equal Area Projection.