Date:         Fri, 18 Nov 1994 16:26:20 MST
Sender: VOLCANO 
From: Global Volcanism Network 
Subject:      Tavurvur remains active

This is for those of you still interested and wondering about Rabaul.  A
full report from the Rabaul Volcano Observatory will be in the next
GVN Bulletin.

Tavurvur remained active through the end of October, although activity
was decreasing.  Billowing columns rose up to 800 m above the crater,
but with deceasing frequency and less ash content.  A new cone has been
built around the active vent that was 30 m deep and had a radius of
80 m.  Light ashfall continued through October in Rabaul and on the N
coast area.  Lava flows on the W flank of Tavurvur stopped by 27 Oct
about 100 m below the rim of the cone, 2/3 of the way to the coast.
The extensive pumice raft is blowing to and fro all over the bay.
No information received about if people are moving back in, but RVO
said there was "major destruction" in the town from the ash/mud and

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