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Several relief agencies and disaster monitoring groups have contacted to
me for information about Rabaul.  Here are some emergency contact numbers.
These numbers will be most useful.  These are the people I get my news from.

Leith Andersen
Director Natural Disaster Emergency Services, PNG Government

AIDAB--Australian International Aid and Relief
Ask for the Emergency Relief Desk
They will be coordinating Australian Aid activities.

Our offices here (Australian Foundation for the Peoples of the South
Pacific) will be glad to relay messages as we have an affiliate office in

NOTE:  Recent reports from Rabaul indicate that although the city was
totally evacuated, there are small villages in the hills around Rabaul
where people are trapped and taking shelter in schools and churches.
Several small populated islands around and outside of the harbour are also
cut off.  The BBC has just had a live report from a person from one such
village in the hills to the north.  Depending on the very fickle tropical
winds, these villages may or may not be in immediate danger from ashfall.
More outlying evacuations will be carried out tomorrow.  At least a foot
of ash has fallen in the vicinity of the volcanoes.  In some places it is
much heavier.  This is complicated by heavy rains which with the ash have
collapsed several buildings already.

As this is one of the largest evacuation/refugee situations to ever occur
in the South Pacific in modern history, much immediate help will be needed
in the next few days and weeks.  The PNG PM's office has already issued an
international appeal.

Kevin Vang