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Over 30,000 people (or most of the population of Rabaul) has been
evacuated as two volcanoes in the Rabaul Caldera erupt.  About 24 hours
ago the Tevuvur (sp?) Volcano (volcanic cone) came to life, and the Rabaul
Observatory and the Government Disaster Emergency declared a code red
state of emergency and ordered an immediate evacuation.

This was most fortuitous as about five hours ago, the Vulcan Volcano
(there are three principal cones in the Rabaul Caldera Complex), exploded
sending a plume 60,000 ft into the air.  (note in 1937 eruption, Vulcan
erupted first and Tevurvu second).

The population have largely been evacuated to the neighboring city of
Kerevat about 25km due west.  The plume is drifting east over the
southern bulb of New Ireland.  Reports from Southern New Ireland report
heavy ash falls.  Kerevat is fortunately leeward.

Small earthquakes are being felt throughout East New Britain and
lightning and thunder has developed over Vulcan acording to witnesses in

These reports are coming from Radio Australia, Lieth Andersen (head of
natural disaster emergency services in PNG), Eye-witnesses in Kerevat,
East New Britain, New Ireland.

So far there has been no reports of death or injury.  A thunderous
applause should be given to the Rabaul Observatory, the PNG Emergency
Services and all others who organised this evacation in such a short time.

Latest Reports just in say that the observatory (5 km n of the city on
that hill in back of town) have lost sight of the city because the ash
from Tevurvu is heading due north and completely obscuring the city.

The ash from Vulcan is beginning to turn westward--this would bring ash
over Kerevat if it continues.

These reports have just come in from the observatory where radio contact
has just been reestablished after breaking down over night.

More Reports as they are available!!!

Kevin Vang