Pictures taken during the Rabaul eruption - 9/19/94

These images provided courtesy of the Rabaul Volcano Observatory

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Tavurvur as seen from helicopter at 06:07 local time.

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Tavurvur from helicopter at 06:10.

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Tavurvur from helicopter at 06:11. Note 1878 (or is it 1898? I can't remember) crater being eaten away

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Tavurvur from helicopter at 06:19. Ash cloud already over town of Rabaul.

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Tavurvur as seen from RVO at about 07:00.

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Tavurvur and Vulcan at approximately 07:21.

JPG - 1152x801 90K

Vulcan as seen from RVO at 07:21.

JPG - 1280x920 111K

Vulcan from RVO at 07:25.

JPG - 1280x929 82K

Vulcan from RVO at 07:38.

JPG - 1152x855 87K

Tavurvur and Vulcan later that day, time not noted. Note pumice raft forming from Vulcan.

Notes from Rod Stewart (RVO)

1. These photographs are not copyrighted (we have no copyright legislation), but anyone using them for unauthorized purposes will incur my everlasting wrath.

2. Non-horizontal photographs are due to my inability to use a hand-held scanner, not the camera. Either that or the pilot's inability to fly level.

Rod Stewart 9/16/94