Smithsonian Institution
Global Volcanism Network Bulletin v. 20, no. 10, October 1995
Rabaul (Papua New Guinea)  Minor seismicity and vapor

New Britain, Papua New Guinea
4.27S, 152.20E; summit elev. 688 m
All times are local (= GMT + 10 hours)

The volcanoes at Rabaul Caldera continued to remain quiet in
October. Tavurvur~s summit area released bluish white vapors
at very low rates; however, the emission rates rose during
rainy days at the end of the month. No emissions came from

Only 19 earthquakes were recorded in October. Two of the 13
low-frequency earthquakes originated from Tavurvur while the
rest came from either within or just outside the caldera~s N
sector. The six high-frequency earthquakes took place on the
20th (2 earthquakes), 23rd (2), 26th (1), and 29th (1). Most
of these high-frequency earthquakes occurred in the
caldera~s NE sector (Namanula area). One high-frequency
earthquake (ML 1.9, on the 23rd) originated near Tavurvur at
about 1 km depth. October ground deformation remained very

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