NE corner of Colombá Quadrangle. North is up, each square equals 1 km.

Cerro Quemado Volcano reaches to the edge of Quezaltenango itself, especially if one considers La Pedrera to be part of Cerro Quemado. Several hiking starting spots are commonly used. From Bano Los Vahos (59 x 37.8) one can walk south, or from Llano del Pinal one can walk east, or from a point on the east side of the volcano (36 x 61.3) one can walk west or around the 1818 lava flow.

View of Cerro Quemado and Quezaltenango Valley from Santa María summit. Smoke from morning fires covers the city of Quezaltenango, and the flat floor of Quezaltenango Valley can be seen beyond. Cerro Quemado is located right of center, with a rounded and scalloped top. Photo by Bill Rose, 1970.

An excellent source on access to Guatemalan volcanoes by hikers is: C.E. Prahl, 1990, GUIA DE LOS VOLCANOES DE GUATEMALA, 124 p. (published by Club Andino Guatemalteca).