Popocatepetl Volcano - Update 001

Date:         Wed, 21 Dec 1994 22:18:05 MST
From: Global Volcanism Network 
Subject:      Popocatepetl, 21 Dec 1994

A UPI news story reports that three explosions on the afternoon of 21
December (between 1330 and 1400 local time) caused ashfall in Puebla,
about 45 km E.  A resident was quoted as saying "The street is all
white, as if flour had been thrown."

Servando de la Cruz (UNAM) was quoted as saying that the activity was
similar to 1921 and in the 1940's, but that there was no other
activity, and microseismicity was continuing "in a very moderate

NBC News (USA) showed a few seconds of footage of the steaming volcano,
apparently taken from a helicopter, tonight (21 Dec).

I'm certain all of our Mexican colleagues have had a very busy afternoon,
but hopefully additional information will be coming in to GVN on Thursday,
or posted directly to VOLCANO by local volcanologists.

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