Ruapehu - IGNS - Science Alert Bulletin V95/47

Tuesday 17 October 1995
1600 hours NZDT (UT +13)
Ruapehu Volcanic Activity

Situation Summary

As of 1600 hours, the following information is available.

*     The volcanic tremor has continued at fluctuating but relatively low
levels through the day.  The small volcanic earthquakes which appeared
over night,  have continued to be recorded during the day.

*     An observation flight was made this morning and is reported in
relaease 95/46. The COSPEC team is attempting a flight at this time.

*     Reports from commercial flights via Civil Aviation report minor ash
plumes this afternoon.

Summary and Alert Status

The present eruption episode is continuing at a reduced level, with weak
semi-continuous ash emmisions.  We advise that the Alert Level remains at

BJ Scott  for 
Dr CJN Wilson, Programme Leader, Volcanology