Ruapehu - IGNS - Science Alert Bulletin V95/24

30 September 1995 (Saturday)
2000 hours NZST (UT +12)
Ruapehu Volcanic Activity 

Situation Summary

As of 2000h the situational status is;

*     From 1000h there was an increase in the volcanic tremor levels until
1600h, when levels declined. Since 2000h the levels have risen again.  No
discrete eruption- related earthquakes have been recorded since 0100h

*     No observations of the summit  have been made because conditions
were not suitable  for observational flights.

*     No reports of significant eruptions have been received. The last
lahar producing event was the 0840h event on 29 September (some 35 hours
ago) and the last explosive eruption 0100h today (19 hours ago).

*     The rainfall today has produced sediment loaded runoff in most
catchments, but no detailed information is available.

Conclusions and Alert status

The Alert Level for Ruapehu remains at Level 4.  

BJ Scott for; 
Dr C J N Wilson, Programme Leader, Volcanology.