Ruapehu - IGNS - Science Alert Bulletin V95/20

28 September 1995
17.00 hours
Ruapehu Crater Lake

Situation Summary

As of 17.00 the following new information is available.

*    Levels of volcanic tremor have remained low to moderate during the
day.  Several volcanic earthquakes have been recorded, generally spaced at
tens of minutes to hours apart.  Activity at the volcano has been
relatively quiet through the day.

*    Institute staff have been out on several helicopter visits to the
upper part of the volcano, taking advantage of the lull in activity around
the middle of the day.  In addition, other Institute parties have been on
sampling and seismic surveys around the foot of the cone.  No information
is to hand at the time of writing, but will be reported in tomorrow
morning's bulletin.

Conclusion and Alert Status

The eruption involving new magma is continuing at Ruapehu.  In the light
of our observations and the seismic data available to us, we advise that
the Alert Level for Ruapehu remains at Level 4.

For further information contact:
Dr C J N Wilson, Programme Leader, Volcanology. 

Ph: (07) 374 8211; Fax (07) 374 8199