Ruapehu - IGNS - Science Alert Bulletin V95/04

April 1995
Ruapehu Crater Lake
The temperature of Crater Lake, Mt Ruapehu, receded below 47-C on 13
March, thus enabling data to be obtained about the lake temperature via the
ARGOS satellite recording system.
Data available to the end of March indicates the lake continues to cool
and is now approaching 35-C.  The levels of volcanic tremor and acoustic
noise have also declined slightly.  These data confirm the January -
February heating cycle has passed and that the lake has cooled
Based on the above information we have reduced the Alert Level to 1 as of
5 April 1995, and recommend that restrictions on access to Crater Lake
basin are relaxed.
C J N Wilson
Volcanology Programme Leader
Contact (07) 374 8211