Ruapehu - IGNS - Media Release V95/05

27 April 1995
Ruapehu Crater Lake
Since about 24 - 25 April the temperature of Crater Lake, Mt Ruapehu, has
been increasing rapidly following a brief decline in March - early April.
This rapid increase has been accompanied by volcanic tremor and acoustic
noise increases.  This increase in lake temperature could herald a
resumption of phreatic eruptions in the lake.
In terms of the national Scientific Alert levels, the Institute of
Geological and Nuclear Science has recommended an upgrade from level 1 to
level 2.  It also recommends restriction on access to Crater Lake basin be
The level and style of volcanic activity is expected to be similar to that
which accompanied a similar heating episode early in 1995.
B F Houghton
Acting Volcanology Programme Leader
Contact (07) 374 8211