Ruapehu - IGNS - Comments about Inquiries

Ruapehu Eruptions

We have had many E-mail messages, faxes etc and apologies for not replying
at this time. Many of the questions are similar.  Below are a couple of
comments as a general reply.

	Basically the Crater Lake is acting as a ash filter, but as it
	gets smaller more ash is been produced. There has been one ash
	encounter reported to date, and some airfeilds have been closed by
	ash falls. The National Aviation Authority has introduced a
	significant no go zone which is adjusted with each new weather
	forecast. They are taking this very seriously.

Eruption Plumes: 
	At this time no sustained eruption columns have been produced.
	There have been many discrete explosive events that have produced
	columns to about 25,000-30 000 feet maximum. These are only
	preserved for a short time.  Column heights have been confirmed by
	radar, survey obs. and aircraft.

Aircraft accident:
	Four of our staff were involved in a light aircraft accident on
	Sunday 24 September. The aircraft experienced an engine failure on
	landing and made a forced landing about 500m short of the field.
	Two have severe back injuries (Tony Hurst and Mike Rosenberg) Tony
	is been operated on today, while Mike is now at home but not very
	mobile.  Lloyd Homer and I received lesser injuries and were
	released from Hospital last Sunday evening. We have the usual
	cuts, bruises, whiplash injuries and etc. but are back at work.

Brad Scott