Mt. Ruapehu, North Island, New Zealand

The images are courtesy of (and mirror) The Department of Geology, Auckland University:

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23 Symonds Street
Auckland, New Zealand
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These images were taken at approximately 5pm on 23rd of Sept 1995. The
photos were taken by Brett Hooker and Meg Smith - former students of
Auckland University on a ski weekend at Turoa. Each image is approximately
122kb and together they form a sequence.

imageGIF 111K

imageGIF 100K

imageGIF 107K

imageGIF 110K

imageGIF 121K

imageGIF 102K

The following image was taken by John Nowak on
Monday (25th Sept) after the 6pm eruption. It also shows the lahars
from earlier eruptions.

imageGIF 110K

Copyrighted to:
© Copyright, Brett Hooker, 1995
© Copyright, Meg Smith, 1995
© Copyright, John Nowak, 1995

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