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Early lahar deposit in Whangaehu River on eastern side of volcano
SMURRT team watches steam explosions from Crater Lake
Lahar deposit in Upper Whangaehu River
SMURRT team member sampling lahar deposits in Whangaehu River
Geometrical measurement on fresh lahar deposits
Steam explosion from Ruapehu's Crater Lake
Sequence of shots showing strong degassing (white plume on left) with a sudden and violent phreatomagmatic eruption (on right):

a) b) (c)

The SSMURRT Team from Massey University
Loud explosion and ash fall on the Rangipo Desert
Steam plume as seen from Top Of Bruce Rd, Whakapapa (Note the lahar on the western slope of the volcano)
Above photos © Shane Cronin

Early ash plume as seen from Ohakune
Photo © Jerome Lecointre

21 Sept Lahar in the Upper Whangaehu River (Tukino ski-field)
21 Sept Mudline left by a small lahar in the Upper Whangaehu River
24 Sept Mudline in the lower course of the Whangaehu River (ring plain)
25 Sept Active steaming at Ruapehu from Whakapapa village
25 Sept Mudline left by the biggest lahar in the Whangaehu River
25 Sept Damage on siphon pipe for the Tongariro Hydro-electric Power Scheme
25 Sept Ash sampling on Tukino Rd (eastern flank)
27 Sept High voltage power lines affected by ash fall on Rangipo Desert
27 Sept Ash cloud from Ohakune (06.45am)
27 Sept Active steaming of Ruapehu from Ohakune (06.00am)
27 Sept Ash eruption on eastern slopes of Ruapehu and viscous lahar in Whangaehu River
3 Oct Aggradation in the Whangaehu River
11 Oct Checking mudlines left by lahars on the flood warning gauge in Whangaehu River, which triggers the alarm on Tangiwai Bridge
11 Oct Sampling ash layers left by 11 October eruption
11 Oct Further sampling of ash layers
11 Oct More ash sampling
12 Oct Slippery ash cover on Desert Road after eruption of 11 Oct

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