Date:         Wed, 23 Nov 1994 16:09:31 MST
From: Graeme Wheller 
Subject:      Merapi Eruption Newspaper Report

Following is a verbatim report from AFP of Merapi's eruption as published in
the "The Mercury" (Tasmania, Australia) this morning (24 Nov - local):


The death toll from the eruption of Mt Merapi, overlooking the city of
Yogyakarta in densely populated central Java, hit 31 as local authorities
evacuated more than 5000 villagers from the slopes of the mountain.

Yogyakarta's main public hospital reported 17 people admitted there had died
and 32 were on the injured list.

Another seven people were confirmed dead and 12 injured at a Catholic-run

Officer in charge of the command post coordinating relief operations,
Lieutenant Colonel Suyatno, said another seven people died in Turgo village
on the slopes of the mountain.

A further seven people with severe burns had also been admitted to a private

Unconfirmed local media reports said the death toll was as high as 34, with
authorities saying five people were still unaccounted for.

Suyatno said 5681 people had been evacuated from seven village on the slopes
of Merapi.

The evacuees were sent to five temporary camps, the largest in the village
of Pakembinangun, where 2705 people were being sheltered.

The conical 2911-metre volcano spewed heat clouds more than 20 times, some
spraying out as far as six kilometres down the slope, along the Krasak and
Boyong Rivers.

An official from the vulcanological office in Jakarta said most of the
people killed lived on Boyong River.

Merapi's last major eruption was in November, 1976, killing 28 people and
leaving 1176 people homeless."

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