Space Shuttle imaging radar (SIR-C) image of Merapi volcano, Indonesia.
This color composite is a combination of radar data obtained at different
wavelengths and polarizations (red = 24 cm, HH-polarization; green = 24
cm, HV-polarization; blue = 5.6 cm, HV-polarization).  It is likely that
the bright dark streaks to the south of the volcano are lahar deposits.
The direction of illumination is from the top of the image, which has
produced fore-shortening of the summit of the volcano, giving the
impression that it is steeper on one side than the other.  These data were
obtained on October 4th 1994.  SIR-C Data Take 175.5 obtained on October 10th,
1994, at an incidence angle of 44 degrees.