56o03'N, 160o39'E
                      INFORMATION RELEASE No. 44
                October 2, 1994, 11:15 KST (2315 UMT)

The volcano was obscured by clouds on October 3.  Volcanic tremor with
a maximum amplitude of 1-2.5 microns was recorded continuously at a
distance of 11 km from the volcano indicating the eruption was
continuing but at a reduced rate.

On October 4, only fumarolic activity appeared to be occurring inside
the summit crater and no incandescence could be seen at night.  The
gas and steam plume rose to about 1 km above the crater (~17,000' ASL)
and was directed to the south for about 5 km.  The earthquake pattern
under the volcano since October 1 suggests a flank eruption may be
likely in the future.