56o03'N, 160o39'E
                      INFORMATION RELEASE No. 43
                October 2, 1994, 11:15 KST (2315 UMT)
                Summary of activity for past 36 hours

October 1 09:00-11:00.  Ash and lava bursts produce a dark, ash-laden
                    plume rising to a height of 50,000-60,000' ASL and
                    moving in an ESE direction.
          14:00     Dark ash plume to 50,000' ASL.
          15:00     Lava and ash explosions still occur at the central
                    crater with the ash column reaching to 40,000-
                    46,000' ASL.  Plume is moving ESE at an altitude
                    of 33,000-36,000' ASL.
          15:00-17:00    KVERT member E.ZHDANOVA flew around the
                    volcano by helicopter.  Two lava flows were
                    observed on the N and NW slopes of the volcano and
                    lava was still fountaining to 3,000' above the
                    crater rim.  The eruption appeared to reach its
                    maximum intensity between 6:00 and 16:30 KST.
          19:00     Ash plume was now at a maximum altitude of 30,000-
                    35,000' ASL and drifting E for more than 60 miles.
                    Volcanic tremor was continuous with a maximum
                    amplitude of 8.4 mkm.

October 2 09:20     A dark ash plume rising to an estimated 28,000-
                    29,000' ASL and drifting E.
          11:00(2300UMT) Dark ash plume rising to 20,000-23,000' ASL
                    and drifting NNE.