56o03'N, 160o39'E
                      INFORMATION RELEASE No. 42
                October 1, 1994, 11:00 KST (2200 UMT)

On the afternoon of September 30, eruptive activity increased with ash
bursts observed rising to 10,000' above the crater and an ash column
rising to an estimated elevation of 32,000-35,000' ASL.  This ash
plume extended to the southeast for more than 60 miles.  [Note: AVO
passed on the information on ash column height and plume length to the
FAA and National Weather Service at 1:50 AM this morning, September 30
Anchorage time after receiving a phone call from KVERT].  Lava flows
were observed on the northwest and southwest slopes of the volcano
extending down to about 10,000' ASL.  Mudflows were noted on the north
slope of the volcano.  Continuous volcanic tremor was being recorded
with a maximum amplitude of 8.4 microns registered at a distance of 11
km from the volcano.

Today, October 1, the eruption entered a paroxysmal stage at 0600 with
burst of lava rising to 15,000' above the crater rim.  The ash column
elevation was estimated at 50,000-65,000' ASL and extended to the
southeast for more than 60 miles.  Phreatic explosions were occurring
along the margin of the flank lava flows with steam clouds reaching to
thousands of feet.  Avalanches of incandescent blocks were observed
coming from the crater down the north slope of the volcano.