56o03'N, 160o39'E
                      INFORMATION RELEASE No. 40
               September 24, 1994, 11:30 KDT (2230 UMT)

During September 20-23, gas and ash bursts were rising up to 800-1000
m above the crater.  The eruption column reached a height of 1.5-2.0
km above the crater (~20,000 ft asl) and extended downwind to the
southeast for more than 100 km.  The lava flows on the northwest and
southwest flanks continue to be active.  Lava fountains were observed
in the central crater reaching a height of 500-700 m.

Volcanic tremor is continuous with a maximum amplitude of 8.2 microns
and is recorded at distances of 11 km from the volcano.