56o03'N, 160o39'E
               September 14, 1994, 11:50 KDT (2250 UMT)
                      INFORMATION RELEASE No. 38

On September 13, the volcano was obscured by clouds.  Today gas and
ash explosions were rising to 600-800 m above the crater with an ash
column extending to 2 km above the crater (6700 m asl).  The ash plume
was carried east 50 km or more by strong winds.  A new lava flow 1.5
km long was observed on the northwest slope of the volcano issuing
from two vents about 200 m below the crater rim.  This flow is in
addition to the lava flow on the southwest flank of the volcano
(erroneously listed as being on the southeast flank in IR 37, Sept.
12).  Lava fountains were observed last night extending to 200 m above
the crater rim.
Volcanic tremor is continuous with a maximum amplitude of 6.3 microns
and is recorded at distances of 11 km from the volcano.