56o11' N, 160o47' E
                  January 3, 1994, 18:00 KST (0600)

Spasmodic volcanic tremor was registered on December 30 (11:30 UT) and
December 31 (00:31 UT) at seismic station "Zelyonaya" (11 km from
Klyuchevskoy and 16 km from Bezymianny) with maximum amplitude of 0.7
micron.  The weak shallow earthquakes occurred at the same time.  This
seismic activity was also recorded at stations "Podkova",
"Krestovskaya" and in Klyuchi town.
The source of the seismic events is uncertain because of the lack of
seismic stations. The pattern of seismic activity is more
characteristic of Klyuchevskoy volcano.
A large steam and gas plume was visible at Bezymianny volcano
extending for 40 km to the northeast.  The usual fumarolic emission
was observed from the central crater of Klyuchevskoy volcano.