56o11'N, 161o 47'W
                Thursday, August 5, 1993, 8:00 PM KDT

The summit eruption continues.  No visual observations of the crater
could be made because of cloud cover.  Airborne observations indicate
the gas and ash plume was as high as 1-3 km above the crater during
the last week, extending to the north or northwest for about 50 km.
On August 3, the gas and ash plume, as observed by helicopter by V.
Dvigalo and A. Belousov, was 6-7 km ASL and extended to the east in
the afternoon and to the north by that night.  Ashfall took place in
the city of Klyuchi.  Lava continues to flow down the western slope of
the volcano.
Volcanic tremor is still high and steady.