56o11'N, 160o47'E
                  Thursday, July 15, 1993, 23:30 KDT

The summit eruption continues to occur.  Lava fountaining is
characteristic for this volcano and is currently occurring to heights
up to 1 km above the crater rim.  Gas and steam bursts are producing a
dark, ash-laden plume that, based on seismicity, may be rising to a
height of several km above the crater rim.  However, the summit is
obscured by clouds and plume height is unconfirmed.  Volcanic tremor
with amplitude of 2.5 mkm (5.6 mkm maximum) is being registered by
Krestovskii seismic station located as far as 19 km from the volcano.
Zelyonaya station (11 km from the volcano) is recording signals with
an average amplitude of 13.5 mkm (25 mkm maximum).