Smithsonian Institution
Global Volcanism Network Bulletin v. 19, no. 10, October 1994
Kliuchevskoi (Kamchatka)  Fumarolic gas-and-steam plume to 2,500 m;
      continuous tremor
Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia (56.06N, 160.64E)
A major eruption on 1-3 October (see Bulletin v. 19, no. 9)
generated an ash column to 15-20 km altitude and sent lava bursts
4.5 km high. Activity had decreased by 4 October, and continued to
decline the following week. Continuous tremor after 3 October and
into early November had a maximum amplitude of 0.23-0.53 fm,
registered 11 km from the volcano. On 5 and 7-9 October the volcano
was obscured by clouds, but on 6 October the fumarolic plume from
the summit crater rose ~600 m above the rim and was directed NE.
Observers in Kliuchi (25 km NNE) reported decreased activity during
8-15 October. Gas-and-steam columns rising from two apertures at
the summit reached 2,500 m above the crater on 10 October and 800
m on 14 October. Once again during clear weather a gas-and-steam
column was seen rising 200 m above the summit crater on 17, 22, and
23 October and to 800-1,500 m on 18-20 October. During 27-29
October the column rose 200-800 m above the summit. The volcano was
obscured by clouds from 30 October to 2 November.
Information Contact: Same as for Bezymianny.