Global Volcanism Network Bulletin v. 19, no. 1, January 1994
Kliuchevskoi (Kamchatka) Weak volcanic tremor at variable levels; fumarolic activity

Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia (56.06N, 160.64E)

Weak volcanic tremor (5-9 hours/day) and shallow volcanic earthquakes (5-12 events/day) were recorded during the third week of January. Volcanic tremor increased in late January to nearly continuous levels (19-21 hours/day), although the number of shallow volcanic earthquakes decreased (1-6 events/day). High volcanic tremor levels continued into early February (16-22 hours/day), but had declined by 10 February to 0.3 hour/day. Tremor increased again slightly the following week (10-16 February) to 0.6-1.3 hours/day; 1-3 volcanic earthquakes/day were registered during that period. Weak fumarolic activity continued in the central crater throughout January and early February.

Kliuchevskoi has erupted >80 times since 1697, including a large summit eruption in January 1990 (see Bulletin v. 15, no. 3). Several small ash emissions were reported in 1991-92 (see Bulletin v. 16, nos. 3, 4, and 6, and v. 17, nos. 1 and 5). The current activity began in mid-March 1993 with increased seismicity and ash clouds reaching 1-2 km above the summit; gas-and-steam plumes (frequently with ash), tremor, and shallow earthquakes have persisted since then (see Bulletin v. 18, nos. 4-8 and 10-12).