Global Volcanism Network Bulletin v. 19, no. 4, April 1994
Kliuchevskoi (Kamchatka) Weak fumarolic activity, seismicity, and tremor

Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia (56.06N, 160.64E)

Seismic stations continued to register both deep and shallow weak earthquakes (average of 6 events/day) and weak volcanic tremor (0- 1.5 hours/day) through the end of April. On 29 April there were 11 events/day, but the number of events decreased to 4/day by 5 May. Weak volcanic tremor decreased to 0.1-0.3 hours/day. Seismicity increased during the second week of May when 11-18 earthquakes/day were recorded. As of 18 May, both deep and shallow earthquakes (8- 22 events/day) and weak volcanic tremor were continuing beneath the volcano. When the volcano was not obscured by clouds, weak fumarolic activity above the crater was observed in late April and May with a steam plume to <=1 km above the crater.