Bardarbunga/Grimsvotn Volcanoes, Iceland
Report 007

Source: Helgi Torfason via GVN
Date: Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 09:00

The following was received by the Smithsonian's Global Volcanism Network. This report is preliminary and subject to change as the event is studied in more detail. We will forward additional significant information as it becomes available.

The eruption is still going strong. Ashfall has not been a problem, mainly it has been falling around the vent. The eruption seems to have concentrated in one vent before the weekend, as is common in fissure eruptions. The site of the volcanic fissure is according to the Weather bureau at N 64 30-32' W 17 22'. The eruption column has been observed this morning. Earthquakes have been less than last week, the activity is now mainly magma flowing up through fractures in the crust.

The jokulhlaup/surge in Skeidararjokull has not started, the water level is 20-25 m higher than last summer when the surge was 3000 m3/sec in the peak. It is still estimated that the coming jokulhlaup will be in the order of 10-15,000 m3/sec. The experts in these surges are astonished that the water has not yet started to flow under the glacier and have stopped forecasting when it will start, - nature is, as so often before, rather behind in solving complicated hydrologic equations!

Bad weather is now in Iceland, roof blowing of houses in N Iceland and roofplates being lifting off here and there. The worst weather is now in N Iceland. Strong wind is in S Iceland but not a lot of rain. It is expected that weather will be rather on the bad side this week, but as meteorologists are better telling us how the weather is than how it will be, we remain optimistic.

A lot of photographs have been taken of the eruption, the best ones probably by the press. Those who want to buy photos could try the newspaper Morgunbladid,

The best video-recordings are by Omar Ragnarsson Sjonvarpid/ The Icelandic national TV-station

No doubt some royalties will be charged, but as this is not my expertise, you better contact them.

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As it has now a proper page on the eruption, images and so on I do not think it is necessary that I continue these messages.

Best regards and thanks for encouraging responds

Helgi Torfason
National Energy Authority
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