Bardarbunga/Grimsvotn Volcanoes, Iceland
Report 006

Source: Helgi Torfason via GVN
Date: Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996, 16:00

The following was received by the Smithsonian's Global Volcanism Network. This report is preliminary and subject to change as the event is studied in more detail. We will forward additional significant information as it becomes available.

Friday 4th October 1996 16:00

This morning it wast thought that the eruption was only subglacial but in the afternoon it was observed from the air that it is still going on much on the same scale as yesterday. Eruption contiues 6-8 km, no changes from last message. In the morning earthquake activity increased for a while, and supported that activity was still going strong.

No indications are yet that the meltwater has started its travel under the glacier. Beginning of surge will be indicated with sulfurous smell of the Skeidara river.

Weather forcast is:
Weekend W and SW strong wind, cloudy changing sun and overcast.
Monday rainy. Tuesday N and bright.

Helgi Torfason
National Energy Authority
Grensasvegur 9
108 Reykjavik - MTU Volcanoes Page