Date:         Tue, 30 May 1995 16:47:47 MST
Subject:      Eruption of Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

 Eruption of Cerro Negro volcano

 Since Wednesday, 24 of May, 1995, seismic tremors lasting between 30 minutes
 and several hours were observed at seismic station CNGN located about 500 m
 east of the crater. The dominant frequencies of the tremors were between
 1 and 3 Hz. Additionally occured small seismic events, not strong enough to
 be recorded at neighbouring stations, at distances of about 15-20 km.
 This activity was going on until Sunday, 28 of May, without remarkable
 emanation of gases.

 Beginning Monday, 19 of May, local people and a team of INETER specialists
 obser (text missing)
 The ash plumes reached heights of at least 100 m above crater rim. During the
 day explosions occured  about once or twice per hour, what correlates
 with the occurence of the tremors at this day. The tremors lasting about 30
 minutes are frequently preceeded by seismic events, probably cuased by the
 explosion (text missing)

 Today we observe at Managua seismic recording center we observe the
 seismic activity to be going on. several teams of INETER are working in the
 field  to gather information.

 INETER informed on Thursday, 25 of May, the Nicaraguan Civil Defense about
 the activity at Cerro Negro who took some measures of precaution.
 Monday, 29 of May Government, mass media and population were informed by

 Information contact:

 Wilfried Strauch
 INETER, Geophysics
 Tel/Fax (505)-2-496987