Eruption History

Meyer-Abich (1956) and Simkin and Siebert (1994) summarize the volcanic activity of Santa Ana volcano since the time of Spanish colonization. Field evidence suggests that volcanic activity predates and was contemporaneous with Coatepeque caldera eruptions, dated at approximately 70 and 50 ka (CEL 1992). Activity has continued to the present in the form of phreatic and phreatomagmatic eruptions that have produced large scoria and ash deposits that blanket the volcano.

Since the eruption of San Marcelino in 1722 and the birth of Izalco in 1770, eruptions from Santa Ana have occured almost contemporaneously to the Izalco activity. Presently only fumarolic activity exists, however the intensity of this activity increased dramatically during 1993, when a cloud of steam and gases was observed to a height of approximately 200 m above the crater rim. The volcanic gases damaged the vegetation surrounding the crater including areas of coffee plantations.

The table below is a listing from Volcanoes of the World by Simkin and Siebert illustrating the eruption history of Santa Ana volcano.