How to Get There

Access to Izalco by car has been made easy by the construction of a paved road to the Hotel de la Montaqa in the Cerro Verde National Park.Leaving San Salvador take the Panamerican highway west to Santa Ana. Turn off at the Lago de Coatepeque exit, then follow the signs to Cerro Verde. The road goes around the rim of the Coatepeque caldera, offering excellent views of the caldera lake and surrounding volcanoes. When you arrive at the Cerro Verde National Park you can leave your car (for a small fee) at the hotel's parking lot.

You can observe the volcano from the hotel's "mirador" or decide to climb the summit of Izalco, which is possible via a foot trail that begins approximately 100 m from the entrance of the parking lot. This trail is well marked and travelled by Salvadorean tourists. For an average hiker it should be no more than a one hour's hike to reach the summit. A short hike around the Cerro Verde National Park offers great scenic views of the Coatepeque caldera and Santa Ana volcano.

To see an image of a topographic map of Izalco Volcano click here.